Saturday, February 4, 2012

a break of sorts.

Almost three weeks ago I had some minor surgery. Besides for delivering my kiddos, I've never had surgery so even though recovery has been going well. My house is a mess, no crafting has been done, and I'm learning that I can survive with dishes in my sink overnight. I don't like it, but it is better then overdoing it. I have found out a few things since surgery that I would like to put in writing so if I ever start to feel like I need to throw myself a pity party, this post will end all illusions of the need. :)

One. Often I think and pray for our friends, and friends of friends and family with cancer and other long-term illnesses. I've had some pretty crappy days over the last three weeks. But I've known there is an end in sight. There is that five-six week mark that I keep checking the calendar to see how close I'm getting to the end... It isn't that way for them. They may have radiation, get a bit better, and then have chemo, and then wait... I know that God has everything figured out, I also know how gracious He is to me and others. And I hear testimony of how much he gets those friends through the sickness and the treatments. And I praise Him for that, I just wish those I care about didn't have to go through all of it.and am reminded of how important it is for me to make time to encourage others going through sickness- with a meal, a note... I've benefitted from others doing that for me lately.

Two. A much lighter note. Pinterest is amazingly fun! I've spent extra time on there since I'm not my normal self and through have found more great recipes, ideas, and new blogs to follow. :)

Three. My kids need more consistent chores. It is very obvious that I have given responsibility, and then taken it back after all their hem-hawing and complaining. Right now,I'm letting a lot of it go. However, the week I'm back up to "normal". I'm re-defining some household responsibilities!!

Four. I love my husband. He has more then risen to the challenge to help out these last few weeks and I am forever grateful. I really see us as a team -that overtime has learned how our rolls work in our marriage. It is different for all couples. For us, I take care of logistics at home. Not only do we have our own business, but we are involved in our church, and he is also involved in the community. There are many hours outside of "work" time where he is plugged in. I - happily - prefer the home logistics over the other. He is an extrovert - he prefers the other. I'm so glad we are not the same. :)Did I mention that I loved that man?


  1. I'm sorry to read you've been recovering from surgery but glad it sounds like you've got it 'under control' in that you are recovering and not trying to push yourself too hard. Looks like you've had time to think quite a few things through, also good, it often take these changes in normal life to reflect in this way. Hope the recovery continues to go well. Bethx

  2. Thanks so much Beth! You are right, down time can be quite good for a person, although I am finding out how impatient of a person I really am.