Tuesday, February 7, 2012

valentine's day is just around the corner.

Martha Stewart's Glitter Ball Cookies

Valentine's Day is always a fun holiday. We have been working on our valentine's cards for class-mates on and off. I'll be baking this weekend for one classroom. A volunteer job I always seem to like. ;) We typically don't exchange gifts, I make some fun dessert or cookies for us to enjoy - and I've decided that is why I think the day is fun and enjoyable... This year I think I am going to try to bake this cake or one like this. What would make it really lovely is one of these sweet cake stands to place it on. More about the kids' cards later. I do have links to past years above on my tool bar if you are still needing some last minute ideas. You can get there from here as well.


  1. We don't do valentines, not sure why but it's just not a holiday I've ever picked up (may some trauma from lack of valentines cards as a teenager - lol! actually I think it's just not as widely celebrated here in the UK plus my German husband doesn't really do cards in any form), but I do like the look of those cookies, might have to give those a try :) Bethx

  2. Interesting - so no valentine parties at school? That would actually not be bad - especially less candy. :) My American husband doesn't really do cards either. :) The cookies are yum if you like shortbread. My husband - who does not care for short bread cookies doesn't like these cookies at all. On the other hand, my son and I love them!