Thursday, May 3, 2012

May so far...

So I have managed to drop the ball on my birthday list of things I've learned over the years. April was a whirlwind of busy! At work we have added embroidery and a heat press to the list of what we offer and so I have been sneaking in time after hours working on jobs and trying to get past the learning curve of the embroidery machine. Things are getting ready to pick back up, however this month has started out so amazingly wonderful that I had to post about it.

April ended with lunch at Five Guys with my guy, and a quick shopping trip for just the two of us. Followed soon with Cheesecake Factory and and a giant purple bag full of gifts from Chris (handmade cards, basket, tote bag with with Quince and scarves to name a few of the gifts - she know me so well. :) Breaking new running records with Megan -when she sets her mind to it - she pushes us both right along. ;)

Tree climbing. Softball throwing. Time in the yard and on the porch swing. Reading aloud -and even a few rows of knitting! Flowers in bloom... Oh how I love the month of May... and my family and friends and peonies and roses and the list goes on.

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