Saturday, March 5, 2016

God's grace.

"God's grace affects man's sinfulness and not only forgives the repentant sinner, but brings joy and thankfulness to him. It changes the individual to a new creature without destroying his individuality. (2 Cor. 5:17; Ephs. 2:8,9)"
- Beth Moore, from children of the day.

Sometimes, when life shifts with new seasons, it is hard to know what maybe should just let be, and what may still be a good investment of time and energy. Take this blog for example. It has been a long time since writing. And I have often missed it. However, every time I sit to write a post, I am reminded not only of how much life changed as our family grows and matures; but I am reminded how much I have changed. 

I still enjoy all the same things: knitting, dessert for breakfast, a great cup of coffee, running, reading, my time with family and friends, fresh flowers cut from my own yard... But now, more often then not, instead of picking up a knitting book and my needles and yarn; I grab a study book, God's Word and a journal. I drink more hot tea then coffee, and I practice more yoga then I run. 

I exchanged nursing school for yoga teacher training in NYC (this past January). I found I enjoy really good olives - not the kind that come in cans - and I enjoy riding in a crowded subway. I found my way back to teaching. I had missed teaching, but didn't know how or what I would teach - I am getting older, not younger. 

Mat and I are slowly in the process of starting a new business-while still running redlogic. (I tell you, he is amazing!)  I have started writing down some of my Bible Study ideas, so maybe some of them will become more then ideas, and a bit "bigger" then the Advent mini-book study. More then anything, I have been relearning the importance of prayer. While in NYC, my heart was stretched in many ways, and with that came a greater need to pray for God to make Himself known. Even when it seems like some parts of life still do not let up - God's Word and time practicing quiet and solitude with Him - change my day and rock my world. 

I am much the same, but my focus has shifted, and along with that, I have found some of my old desires have come back to life. So, I think now is the right time to start filling this space again. I will guarantee there will be less crafting. Although I hope that there will be more crafting time in another season. There still may be some recipes - probably gluten free or at least low sugar. More then anything, I pray that gratitude and encouragement fill this space. Most days still include a cardigan. All days include my kids - but they are no longer my identity. They have their own roles to seek and live out. And so do I.

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