Tuesday, January 18, 2011

birthday party goodness.

Having a birthday party for my now 10 year old son is a bit different then one for one of the girls, or even when he was younger. Hanging balloons was about the only thing he was really okay with, so with Matheau's help, we hung streamers and balloons and Luke gave an "it is alright" nod when he saw it.

When Luke and the girls were younger I did more decorated cakes and cake mixes, over the years I have changed my ways a bit since I love to make my cakes from scratch and I would rather enjoy the taste of the frosting instead of scraping it to the side of my plate, but all stages of birthday party madness are just that - a bit maddening, and lots of fun when our family and friends arrive.

Matheau is the artist between the two of us, so many times I have asked for his help in the decorating of the cake. He has made robots, football stadiums, buzz lightyear, princesses and polly pool party cakes, depending on the age of the child and what they ask for. For now it seems we have moved on to layered cakes and cheesecakes with oreo crusts and cool candles.

Anyway, as I am getting ready on making at least a couple of more birthday cakes before the month is over, birthday parties are still on my mind and the following are some fun links to party goodness.

*olliebollen has some really cool arm bands
*Justice League printables at Paper & Pomegranates

*Aubin put on a adorably sweet fairy party for Shi.

*tiny happy's gift or party craft for girls

*I used a lot of ideas from Wee Wonderful's for a robot party we had for Luke a couple of years ago.

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