Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's talk about freezing foods shall we?

Right now I'd really like to show you some finished knitting. Or even better, that I have started cutting felt for Christmas crafting. Better then that would be that the fabric I purchased quite awhile ago had been washed, pressed and was in the process of being cut out. That is not how my reality has been working out, but I have been trying out some of the foods I froze ahead for these busy school /activity filled days...

Freezing meals has been an at times, a very frustrating process. I tried this several years back - around the time Alli was a baby, so 8 years? We are not a casserole family and I learned that time around that no amazing recipe will change us into one - no matter how convenient. So this time around I looked for recipes that leaned to our "normal" foods. The closest thing to a casserole were lasagna and manicotti. (And the manicotti I filled without cooking first. I'm looking forward to that meal. :))

So using the Freeze, Freeze, and Feast and can I freeze it? that I had mentioned previously, I prepped for cheese steaks, stir-fry's, a couple of pork loins with new marinades to grill. I also tried mozzarella cheese meatballs, pizza crusts, cookie dough balls. Most were meals in the books, others were from some past years of Martha Stewart's "Everyday Food" and some were just ones I thought would fit the whole freezing process well.

After hearing lots of complaints for several of the meals, I finally had a successful run with my Chicken and Rice Salad - a recipe not in one of the books, but one I re-worked a bit, and it worked!! So in between school picks, and volleyball and football drop-offs, we ate supper, from the freezer, and it was good. (Recipe coming soon. :))

Happy Weekend!

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