Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And then he turned 39.

And that is worth celebrating! We played some tunes, lit a fire, tried out new ice cream recipes, made apple crisps and cheesecake, and we could not forget the s'mores and mustaches!

They were super easy to make.
Supplies needed:
-wool felt in black and brown (I did not ended using a full sheet of either)
-craft dowel sticks (I found them in target in the cake decorating section while in a hurry!)
-thick cardstock or a empty cereal box.
-glue gun

I downloaded the templates from this site. After cutting out the templates, I cut 1 of each out of wool felt and 1 of each out of an old cereal box. Then using a glue gun, I glued them together with a craft dowel/stick  sandwiched between. One trick to remember is to glue the craft dowel to the same side on all of them. So when family is quickly trying on different ones, they always get the right side facing the camera. ;)

Hopefully more party pictures later this week. I also had some fun with my chalk board paint!

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